Technical Publications

The following is a partial listing of published articles from recent publications,
seminars and conferences prepared by Kiso-Jiban professionals.
Generally speaking, publications are available within the following areas of expertise:

General Ground Conditions and Problematic Soil in Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia

T. Sagae, K. Orihara, Y. Yokoi

Kisokou Journal (In Japanese) , 2007

Factor Influencing the Performance of Strain Gauges: A Singapore Perspective

Osborne N H, Chen D C, Ng C C, Rudi J, Latt K M, Tan G H

7th International Symposium on Field Measurements in Geomechanics, 2007

Considerations and Factors Influencing Strain Gauges used to Monitor Deep Excavations

Osborne N H, Ng C C, Rudi J, Latt K M, Tan G H

Underground Singapore 2007, 2007


S. Krishnan, T. Nakanishi, A. H. Goh


Building Response Due to Excavation Works in Kallang and Weathered Jurong Formation

H L Phua, T S Chua, Michelle Lew, V Rama

Underground Singapore 2009, 2009

Analysis, Construction and Performance of Rigid Earth Retaining Wall Using Cross Walls

T S Chua, H L Phua, Michelle Lew, V Rama

Underground Singapore 2009, 2009

Back-Analysis of A Corner Braced Excavation

C H Lim, S A Tan

Underground Singapore 2009, 2009

GBR and Risk Assessment

K. Orihara

Geotechnical Risk Conference (In Japanese) , 2010

Practices and Challenges in Instrumentation for Excavation

Y. Yokoi

Geotechnical Society of Singapore Geotechnical Seminar 2010 , 2010

Three-Dimensional Terrestrial Fluid analysis for Assessment of Water Loss due to Tunnelling

Y. Goto, K. Orihara, T. Sadamura, H. Hung, K. Miura

Underground Singapore 2011 , 2011

Geotechnical Risk Management in Public Works in Singapore

K. Orihara, T. Nonaka

Geology and Investigation Journal (In Japanese) , 2011

Underground Development in Singapore

K. Orihara

Journal of Rock Mechanics (In Japanese), 2014

Deformation Modulus of Singapore Soil and Rock Determined by Various Field and Laboratory Testing

T. Nonaka, T. Yasuda, K. Kimura, A. Hatayama, Rudi J, Tsen S F, K. Orihara

Underground Singapore 2014, 2014

Application for GEL-Push (GP) Sampling Method to Slaking Prone Residual Soil and Reclamation Sand in Singapore

Y. Yokoi, K. Sakai, H.Yukawa, K. Orihara

International Conference on Soft Ground Engineering , 2015

Underground Development and Soil Investigation in Singapore

Y. Yokoi, K. Orihara

Kisokou Journal (In Japanese), 2016

Design and Construction of Underground MRT Structures underneath Marina Bay Station, CCL and NSL Tunnels

Chua T S, Michelle Lew, H. Tada, S. Takeda, Nair R S, Quintas C C

Underground Singapore 2016, 2016

In Situ Rock Stress Determined by Hydraulic Fracturing Test in SingaporeIn Situ Rock Stress Determined by Hydraulic Fracturing Test in Singapore

K. Kimura, T. Yasuda, S. L. Chiam, K. H. Goay

5th International Conference on Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterisation, 2016

Influence of Borehole Opening Time to the Reduction of Bearing Capacity for Bored Pile in Jakarta Clayey Subsoil

Tofan L T

International Conference on Advancement of Pile Technologies and Case Histories, 2017

Introduction to Level-3 Draft of Indonesian National Standard for Soil Investigation

Y P Chandra

2017 Annual Scientific Meeting (In Bahasa Indonesia), 2017

Performance of Raft Foundation for a High-Rise Building

K. B. Chin, Y. Ogawa, P. B. Ng

2nd International Symposium on Asia Urban Geo Engineering, 2017

Evaluation of Field & Laboratories Test Results

Wong K S, Seh C P, T. Nonaka, R. Julijanto, Teo P L

Geotechnical Society of Singapore 10th Anniversary Conference, 2017

The listing is not a complete compilation of all Kiso-Jiban publications, but merely a representative listing of recent publications for general reference. Please feel free to contact us for any further specific technical reference publications that Kiso-Jiban has published through the many years in business. Some publications are free for distribution, but others will include a fee and all will include shipping and handling costs. Ordering information is also available upon request.